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10 Safety Tips For Construction Zones

  1. Slow Down - Reduce speed in work zones. You will greatly reduce any risk to yourself, fellow motorists, pedestrians and the construction workers.
  2. Expect the Unexpected - Changes occur regularly in construction zones, along any road. Normal speed limits may be reduced and regular traffic patterns changed.
  3. Be Alert - Read the signs every time you enter the construction zone. Pay attention in all work zones and do not take anything for granted. Some workzones are mobile.
  4. Pay Attention To The Signs - Diamond shaped, orange signs with fluorescent flags, flashing arrowboards and other construction signs are generally posted in advance of constructon sites on highways and city streets.
  5. Please Use Signal Lights - T.C.P.s need You to be attentive. Your safety and our safety depends on how you heed work zone signals and signs.
  6. Stay Calm - Work Zones are not put into place to inconvenience the public. They are necessary to make improvements to roadways and utilities.
  7. Be Co-operative - Obey the T.C.P.s commands. Merge when necessary, doing so in orderly manner. With your co-operation the traffic flow can remain efficient.
  8. Be Cautious - Rear-End collisions are the most common construction zone accidents. Remember to leave plenty of braking space between you and the vehicle ahead. Always keep a safe distance from T.C.P.s, barriers, trucks and any construction workers and equipment.
  9. Plan Ahead - On routes under construction, expect delays. Plan for them and leave early to reach your destination on time. Remember, we do not inconvenience you on purpose.
  10. Be Courteous - Be considerate of the people around you. You will be shown the same level of courteousy that you exhibit.

Please consider these tips the next time you approach a construction site.